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Journal Articles (peer-reviewed)




Evaluating emoji communication in social media 

The UT-SNU-NCCU Symposium 2019 “News, Information and Media in the Post-Truth Era”, Nov, 2019


日本顔学会 フォーラム顔学, Sep, 2019

スマイリーマークは本当に楽しいか? (Workshop)

千葉大学分野横断的研究交流会 2019

Professional Affiliations

​​日本社会情報学会                                 The Society of Socio-Informatics
日本顔学会                                   Japanese Academy of Facial Studies
日本感情心理学会                                 Japan Society for Research on Emotions
​日本社会心理学会                                    The Japanese Society of Social Psychology
​                                                                 ICA   (International Communication Association)

​Profesional Service

日本顔学会若手交流会運営委員    Young Researcher Committee of Japanese Academy of Facial Studies
学術書籍査読者                            Peer Reviewer (Academic Book in the field of CyberPsychology. Publisher:                   Palgrave Macmillan)

Media Coverage

Study found people use emojis to mask feelings, CBS Newsc(interview) 

People use emojis to mask their negative feelings, study suggests, FOX News                                            

Scientists find that people use emojis to hide, as well as show, their feelings, Frontiers Science News          

People use emojis to soften the blow of negative feelings, Popular Science

What does your emoji use say about your emotions – study, The Jerusalem Post 

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