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Moyu Liu

Moyu Liu | 劉 沫 

 Researcher |  Designer |  Writer   

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 Hello, my name is 刘 沫妤(MoyuLiu). I am a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Studies, The University of Tokyo.


My primary research interest lies in the field of emotion management and emotional behaviors in cyberspace, with a particular focus on emoji usage. I have previously conducted research on this topic in Japan.

Aside from my academic pursuits, I have some working experience as an internet marketer. In my free time, I enjoy expressing my creativity through jewelry design and writing. These activities help me unwind and provide a refreshing break from my research.


"It is in the nature of the calamitous situation existing today that even the most honorable reformer who recommends renewal in threadbare language reinforces the existing order he seeks to break by taking over its worn-out categorial apparatus and the pernicious power-philosophy lying behind it. " ​          


—Adorno, T. W., & Horkheimer, M. (1987). Dialectic of enlightenment. Perface.

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